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About Brickex //////

About BrickEX

Since its inception, BrickEX has always pushed for the development of a global real estate asset backed token trading platform and it has enjoyed real progress in recent years, delivering solutions to large real estate funds such as Metrovacesa and Geskaria. However, experience has shown that any mass adoption of this trading platform remains at an early stage and regulatory hurdles continue to be significant. Nevertheless, BrickEX is committed in its goal of developing its expertise in the field and working to remove outdated barriers to real estate ownership, investment and transactions.

It’s likely that real estate asset backed tokens will take time to become part of the current regulated system and perhaps even longer before it’s adopted by larger real estate owners. But that day is coming, and that’s why BrickEX has expanded development plans for the platform, incorporating a real estate debt financing option functionality. Increased liquidity requirements post COVID-19, will see banks and other traditional capital lending sources forced to either pull back from commercial real estate lending or become strictly cash flow lenders (as opposed to asset-based lenders). For this reason, BrickEX debt token real estate funding offers a timely solution for commercial real estate lending.

Right now, we are working on an updated development and funding roadmap. We are testing short and long-term debt tokens as a means to support the funding of commercial real estate development and investment. And we will continue to work on the integration of this new functionality in our asset back token trading platform.

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What is Brickex?

Enter BrickEX //////

Enter BrickEX

Real estate has proved, time and again, to be a successful long-term investment strategy, but for too long it has been available only to a select few.

BrickEX is set to change all that, enabling more people to take control over their financial future in an industry that has, up to now, relied on opaque financial service companies largely motivated by commission rates rather than the best deal for investors.

Enter BrickEX, an open and decentralized real estate marketplace that creates transparency, accessibility and liquidity for every real estate owner and investor.

Brickex Soutions //////

BrickEX Solutions

BrickEX is an open and decentralised marketplace for debt and asset back tokens that offers transparency, accessibility and liquidity for every real estate owner and investor through:

Investment Platform

(enabling fractional ownership of investment in real estate)

Lending platforms

(enabling asset backed lending from $5000 and above with fixed interest)


(providing an online exchange of blockchain-based digital certifications representing property ownership)

Distribution channel

(where third-party developers and real estate owners can list and exchange real estate or apply for project funding)

Our Team

The founding team together with selected advisors bring a wealth of education, experience and valuable networks to BrickEX, not to mention proven track records of success during decades of combined experience in conceiving of and growing startups.

Where We See Ourselves In The Future //////

Where We See
Ourselves In The Future

Since 2018 we have promoted the development of real estate on the blockchain. Today, we find more and more parties interested not only in the proposition but also the technology backing the vision that enables small investors to partially own real estate and gain benefit from a fixed income stream without a high investment capacity.

While stock and commodities show a high level of investment uncertainty in the current market, real estate continues to grow in value stability and increased fixed income returns, even though the lending capacity of traditional institutions such as banks decrease their capacity to adjust risk profiles. BrickEX stands to benefit from both of these macro-economic developments.

In the coming years, BrickEX will play a crucial role in the value chain of real estate lending and investment through debt and asset backed tokens. BrickEX will enable real estate back loans, with predefined interest rates, through debt tokens, and real estate investment through real estate back asset tokens.

By 2022, we expect both functionalities of the platform to be operational for retail investment and to be ready to enter the retail investment market. BrickEX will compete with current traditional general retail investment markets in terms of stock, derivatives, bonds and funds where fixed income is less certain and value growth is occasionally high, but unpredictable.

By 2025, we expect to have more than five billion assets under management (AUM) through real estate loans and actual assets in Europe, Asia and the US. The majority of the AUM growth will be realised between 2023 and 2025.

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Our Partners

Debt Tokens //////

Debt Tokens

Debt tokens are tokens that represents a debt, with interest, for a principal amount lent to a company. It is the equivalent of raised capital through debt.

Debt security tokens symbolise some of the debt instruments, such as real estate, mortgages and corporate bonds.

Debt tokens currently have no initial value and can be issued at any amount, although BrickEX will set a minimum value of €5,000 per token.


Concept Proof //////

Proof Of Concept Project

BrickEX is developing a proposition for an initial debt token fundraiser for its debt token proof of concept. The project involves the development of a city monument, with a rich history, in the center of Breda in the Netherlands. The project will be funded through the issuance of 300 debt tokens of €5,000 each. These 300 debt tokens, with a fixed interest rate of 5%, will raise a total of €1.5m for the purchase and renovation of the +400m2 estate.

In the second year of trading, the debt tokens will be automatically converted to asset backed tokens, and the income rate will move to the actual fixed income level of the property. These two steps need to follow the release – and confirm the stability of – the BrickEX trading platform and service as a full proof of concept. In the meantime, new debt token backed tokens for external projects will be permitted after the initial target of 300 tokens is raised. The proof-of-concept project will begin, and updates will be shared, from the 1st of June, 2021, onwards.

BrickEX will introduce a second layer of security for initial debt token investors by incorporating a Dutch limited partnership in order to have the full project recorded and registered off-chain following the traditional investment structure for real estate. This will be handled by SafeBlox.

For further reading see www.safeblox.com

The non-blockchain finance and investment label of BrickEX

BrickEX is developed to become the latest and most advanced blockchain asset and debt token exchange in the industry. To support the initial proof of concept, BrickEX has used their basic technology and UX for the launch of Project 1.

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Although the entire funding for the proof-of-concept project will be issued in debt tokens on the blockchain, SafeBlox will simultaneously incorporate a Dutch limited partnership to allow the full project to be recorded and registered off-chain, following the traditional investment structure of real estate. This precautionary measure is required to ensure that should technical issues or updates on the BrickEX platform interfere with the security of the debt tokens issued there is a level of protection to prevent initial investments from being exposed to loss of investment.

As SafeBlox has all the functionality of a traditional non-blockchain supported investment platform, with a full operational online user dashboard that will allow investors to track their investment and receive/manage relevant documentation, it will be open for third party investment projects once the proof of concept is funded and can be used by property developers and property owners that are in need of finance or investment solutions.

SafeBlox is 100% owned by BrickEX and will provide the required legal structure for initial investments in the run-up to the BrickEX platform to facilitate the debt and equity ownership on the blockchain.

Learn more at www.safeblox.com

Technolgy & Roadmap //////

Technology &


BrickEX builds on its founder’s deep knowledge of fractional real estate crowd investment obtained through the founding and running of brickfund.com.

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BrickEX aspires to become the largest and most trusted crypto exchange platform for real estate and challenge the status quo of a +$500Tr global market by creating a global eco-system.

BrickEX has also formed a technology partnership with the art investment platform Maecenas that has built a fully functional digital asset exchange for fine art and is now cooperating with the BrickEX development team to expand this to create a decentralized exchange for fractional real estate ownership. BrickEX is to Real Estate what Maecenas is to Fine Art.
BrickEX will leverage Ethereum-based tokenization technology to create the Brick Token and therewith create instance liquidity for the exchange. BrickEX has also formed a partnership with US-listed company Globalpayout to support solutions for online microtransactions, transaction security and advanced KYC and AML protocols.
BrickEX will own all IP, technology and code that is provided through 3rd party partners such as Maecenas, Globalpayout or Brickfund.com. BrickEX will leverage these partnerships to accelerate its roadmap and launch its product in a shorter timeframe.

Roadmap Steps

The steps we will take are as follows:

Q1/2 ‘20 – Development of Safeblox – a traditional Real Estate investment platform

Q3/4 ‘20 - Debt Token research, analysis and preparation

Q1 ‘21 - BRI listed on Uniswap

Q2 ‘21- Functional Specification Debt Token

Q3 ‘21- Debt Token platform added to BrickEX tech stack

Q3 ‘21 – AML & KYC online verification system implemented

Q4 ‘21- Debt Tokens ‘Project 1’ listed on Safeblox

Q1 ‘22 – Beta launch - Asset / Debt Token functionalities integrated in BrickEX

Q2 ‘22 – Platform launch - BrickEX Asset / Debt Token exchange live

Q3 ‘22 – Expand Build Asset / Debt Tokens into new geographies

BRI Tokens //////

BRI Tokens

Brick Token is a utility token representing access to the services on the BrickEX platform. The Brick Tokens are not designed as an investment and are not backed by real estate or BrickEX future profits. By creating the Brick Token, we have essentially created digital coupons to execute operations on our platform such as investment listings, buy/sell investment and receive distributed income from investments.

The Brick Token is now available on UniSwap.

Claim BRI Tokens //////

Claim BRI Tokens

If you have invested in BRI Tokens, through Crypto Campus or other investor groups and have not received your initial investment or your 60% bonus, please contact us. Our administrator will work with you separately to identify your investment and distribute tokens not yet issued to your wallet.

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