Disruptive Technology fuelled by the Brick token

BrickEX is a blockchain powered digital asset exchange for real estate.

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Key Elements on the Exchange

BrickEX Ecosystem

Decentralised Asset
Gateway (DAG)

Non-Fungible Assets

Decentralised Asset
Crowdfunding (DAC)

Transparency & Safety
Full & Safety

Decentralised Income
Distribution (DID)

Decentralised Asset Gateway (DAG)

Real estate assets exist in a fragmented space whereby typically each real estate crowdfunding platform has its own set of investors, data models and financial transactions. DAG is a dApp which creates an integration point for real estate platforms to enter the BrickEX ecosystem. Adopting the concept of a sidechain, the DAG will provide a cryptographically secure mechanism for assets to go in and out of BrickEX.

Non-Fungible Assets

Unlike other physical assets such as precious metals or raw commodities, each real estate asset is unique and non-fungible. We’re closely monitoring the evolution and adoption of ERC721 (Ethereum standard for non-fungible tokens) as we believe it will help BrickEX assets to be easily integrated into other parts of the crypto ecosystem (e.g. wallets, asset portfolios, explorers).

Decentralized Asset Crowdfunding (DAC)

Crowdfunding has traditionally been a centralized activity where investors trust the crowdfunder (e.g. kickstarter, seeds, etc.) with their money and credentials. That model is becoming obsolete, and Token Sales have proven to be a much more efficient and transparent way of raising funds from a multitude of investors. The DAC dApp will allow BrickEX to run crowdfunding campaigns transparently and safely. Investors will have full access to see the funding progress, the amounts invested and the state of funds which will be held in an onchain escrow.

Decentralized Income Distribution (DID)

Real estate investments are attractive because they produce fixed income. A true decentralized real estate exchange platform must try to avoid using centralized intermediaries for key processes, and therefore we will funnel all rental income through our DID component, which will allocate funds to investors based on the number of shares they own in various portfolios they own at the time of distribution (similar to how dividends are paid in the stock market, but without the need for a central institution).

Brick Token

The governing currency on the BrickEX platform is the Brick Token (BRI). It is designed to enable participants to utilize the decentralized exchange.

Invest Cryptocurrency into something Real

Buy and Sell Global Real Estate through the BrickEX Marketplace. Powered by Blockchain Technology.

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