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Move into a New and Democratic Age

The real estate industry is long overdue for a shakeup. Not only is one-third of the industry running on technology that was first released over 30 years ago, but it continues to put up barriers to transparency, preventing the release of locked up liquidity and eliminating standard services. With the help of the blockchain, we know that the real estate industry can move into a new, more democratic age.

Experience Seamless and instant transactions

Our decentralized marketplace creates transparency, accessibility and liquidity for real estate owners and investors.

Investment platform

Enables fractional ownership of investment in real estate.


An online exchange of blockchain-based digital certificates that represent property ownerships.

Distribution channel

3rd party real estate owners are able to list and exchange real estate.

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What is BrickEX

Our CFO & founder Bas Bergmans, explains what is BrickEX.

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BrickEX Demo

See how BrickEX works in this live demo.

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This animation explains how BrickEX works.