Current Stage: Private Sale

Receive 50% investment bonus before November 1st 2018.

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Token Sale

BrickEX has initiated the private sale and the crowd sale process will follow soon. We aim to complete the full token sale raise before end of November 2018. The BrickEX smart contract will pre-generate tokens (one billion). Of the total tokens generated, 40% will be sold in token sale and circulated at a minimum $0.10 on day one, resulting in an initial market cap of $40.000.000. During the token sale, BrickEX will distinguish 2 separate phases:

Sale stage Date % of
No. of
Value Bonus Price per
Target Vesting Period
Q2-Q3 80 320,000,000 $32,000,000 50% $0.067 $19,500,000 Agreement
Crowd Sales 31st Oct 20 80,000,000 $8,000,000 0% $0.100 $8,000,000 None

The token sale is not available for US citizens.

The token sale has been structured to prevent investors to sell under the token sale introduction price. To accomplice this, all bonus parts in Private Sale have a minimum vesting period of 1 month. Tokens distributed to the BrickEX team and advisors have a vesting period of 2 year. No tokens can be sold in the first 3 months after the token sale, thereafter team members can sell a proportion of 1/24th monthly of the tokens received. Team members can buy as many tokens as they wish on personal title.

Brick Token

The governing currency on the BrickEX platform is the Brick Token (BRI). It is designed to enable participants to utilize the decentralized exchange.

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