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Decentralized Real Estate Trading

Accessibility and liquidity for every real estate owner and investor. Built on Ethereum.

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"BrickEX makes possible real estate investment for smaller investors all around the world."

21 Cryptos Magazine
#1 Crypto to watch

"While Binance is targeting a Crypto market currently sitting at $250 billion, the BrickEX exchange will be targeting a real estate market estimated at $217 trillion."


"BrickEX will be the first Global Real Estate Exchange that is using its own cryptocurrency."

Know our partners

Seamless and instant transactions in Real Estate

Our decentralized marketplace creates transparency, accessibility and liquidity for every real estate owner and investor.

Investment platform

Enables fractional ownership of investment in real estate.


An online exchange of blockchain-based digital certificates that represent property ownerships.

Distribution channel

3rd party real estate owners are able to list and exchange real estate.

What is BrickEX

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What is BrickEX

Our CFO & founder Bas Bergmans, explains what is BrickEX.

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BrickEX Demo

See how BrickEX works in this live demo.

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This animation explains how BrickEX works.

A Decentralized Future

The real estate industry is long overdue for a shakeup. Not only is one-third of the industry running on technology that was first released over 30 years ago, but it continues to put up barriers to transparency, preventing the release of locked up liquidity and eliminating standard services. With the help of the blockchain, we know that the real estate industry can move into a new, more democratic age.

Disruptive Technology fuelled by the Brick token

BrickEX will be a full functional blockchain powered digital asset exchange for real estate. To accomplish our vision, we will build the following key elements on the exchange as part of our technology roadmap:

BrickEX Ecosystem

Decentralized Asset
Gateway (DAG)

Non-Fungible Assets

Decentralized Asset
Crowdfunding (DAC)

Transparency & Safety
Full & Safety

Decentralized Income
Distribution (DID)

Decentralized Asset Gateway (DAG)

Real estate assets exist in a fragmented space whereby typically each real estate crowdfunding platform has its own set of investors, data models and financial transactions. DAG is a dApp which creates an integration point for real estate platforms to enter the BrickEX ecosystem. Adopting the concept of a sidechain, the DAG will provide a cryptographically secure mechanism for assets to go in and out of BrickEX.

Non-Fungible Assets

Unlike other physical assets such as precious metals or raw commodities, each real estate asset is unique and non-fungible. We’re closely monitoring the evolution and adoption of ERC721 (Ethereum standard for non-fungible tokens) and ERC998 (Ethereum standard for composable none-fungible tokens) as we believe it will help BrickEX assets to be easily integrated into other parts of the crypto ecosystem (e.g. wallets, asset portfolios, explorers, etc.).

Decentralized Asset Crowdfunding (DAC)

Crowdfunding has traditionally been a centralized activity where investors trust the crowdfunder (e.g. kickstarter, seeds, etc.) with their money and credentials. That model is becoming obsolete, and Token Sales have proven to be a much more efficient and transparent way of raising funds from a multitude of investors. The DAC dApp will allow BrickEX to run crowdfunding campaigns transparently and safely. Investors will have full access to see the funding progress, the amounts invested and the state of funds which will be held in an onchain escrow.

Decentralized Income Distribution (DID)

Real estate investments are attractive because they produce fixed income. A true decentralized real estate exchange platform must try to avoid using centralized intermediaries for key processes, and therefore we will funnel all rental income through our DID component, which will allocate funds to investors based on the number of shares they own in various portfolios they own at the time of distribution (similar to how dividends are paid in the stock market, but without the need for a central institution).

What complicates matters is the fact that successful blockchain innovations require a far more collaborative approach than before, so being first to market actually involves being first with an ecosystem primed to function with other financial institutions – a far more complex undertaking.


Brick Token

The BrickEX platform is characterized by a two-tier token model

Tier 1 Brick Token: The Brick Token is a utility token representing access to the services on the BrickEX platform.

Within the BrickEX platform itself, the user can invest by means of the;

Tier 2 Investment Token: Investment Tokens. These are Real Estate, asset-backed tokens and vary in type depending on the real estate asset that the user invests in

Utility Token: The Brick Token (Tier 1)

The governing currency on the BrickEX platform is the Brick Token (BRI). The Brick Token is a utility token designed to enable participants to utilize the decentralized platform itself.

Investment Token: asset backed security token (Tier 2)

The BrickEX platform will issue new tokens (economic rights of ownerships) for each new real estate offering on the platform. These tokens are classi ed as security tokens and need to comply with local security regulatory requirements.

Token type Description Purpose Compliant
User Class
1 Utility token Brick Token Creates liquidity, funds project & operates platform ERC20 Crypto investors, platform users, partners
2 Fractional investment token None specific to fraction, specific to asset Fractional asset backed investments ERC20 Crypto & real estate investors
3 Non-fungible token Specific to asset Object specific, asset-backed investment ERC721 Crypto & real estate investors
4 Portfolio token
(Composable non-fungible)
Composition of different number of digital assets Hybrid composable token, with the ability to be composed into complex use cases that can be transferred in one trade ERC998 Crypto & real estate investors

Timeline Token Sale

BrickEX will initiate fundraising though a private and public Token Sale to raise $27.5M.
Private sales is open for accredited investors with min. investments of $120K with 50% bonus tokens.

Sale stage Start Date % of
No. of
Value Bonus Price per
Target Vesting Period
OPEN 80 320,000,000 $32,000,000 50% $0.067 $19,500,000 Agreement
Crowd Sales TBD 20 80,000,000 $8,000,000 0% $0.100 $8,000,000 None

The token sale is not available for US citizens.

The token sale has been structured to prevent investors to sell under the token sale introduction price. To accomplice this, all bonus parts in Private Sale have a minimum vesting period of 1 month. Tokens distributed to the BrickEX team and advisors have a vesting period of 2 year. No tokens can be sold in the first 3 months after the token sale, thereafter team members can sell a proportion of 1/24th monthly of the tokens received. Team members can buy as many tokens as they wish on personal title.

BrickEX Roadmap

BrickEX will work with different real estate partners to launch the platform initially in North America, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore.

BrickEX will launch the Exchange with a number of Launch Partnerships, several of which have already been negotiated. These launch partners will commit to offer at least $5M in real estate on BrickEX. BrickEX will commit to provide liquidity for at least 50% of each placement in return. This will kickstart the platform with a geo-diversified offering of at least $50M.

Upcoming events

February 14, 2019 00:00
Málaga (Spain) View Event Request Meeting
February 13, 2019 00:00
Málaga (Spain) View Event Request Meeting
Malta Blockchain Summit
November 1, 2018 00:00
Msida, Malta View Event Request Meeting
Propteq Asia
October 30, 2018 00:00
Hong Kong View Event Request Meeting
Blockchain Madrid
October 23, 2018 00:00
Madrid View Event Request Meeting
Token Fest
September 13, 2018 00:00
https://tokenfest.io View Event Request Meeting
#13 Blockchain for Real Estate
September 6, 2018 00:00
Berlin, Germany View Event Request Meeting
PropTech Innovation - Hong Kong
August 17, 2018 00:00
Hong Kong View Event Request Meeting

BrickEX Team

The founding team together with selected advisors bring a wealth of education, experience, and their valuable networks to BrickEX, not to mention proven track-records of success during their decades of combined experience in conceiving of and growing startups.

  • JEROEN de LeijerCEO & Founder

  • Bas BergmansCFO & Founder

  • Luis PastorBlockchain specialist

  • Sabine Schoorl RB Business Development
    & Innovation

  • Héctor LinaresTechnology

  • Jeffrey van
    de Leemput Social Marketeer and
    crypto expert

  • Jorgo SmaalMarketeer & UI

  • Felipe Buiras Blockchain developer

  • Marcelo GarciaTechnology Advisor

  • Jesper HoogerhuisCommunity Specialist

  • Bart van ZundertMarketing Expert

  • Sander GielenCommunity specialist

  • Jorik FeskensGrowth Hacker

  • Mathieu MandersDigital Marketing Strategist

  • Pascal van SteenCommunity builder

  • Gino TaselaarBlockchain Marketing

  • Tom van PinxterenHead of SEO


  • Crypto, Complementary currency & Finance

    Scott MorrisCurrency expert

  • Edgar KampersTokenomy / Crypto Expert

  • Eduardo SarianCorporate Finance

  • IT, information & transaction security

    Jan AlemanIT infrastructure expert

  • William RochfortKYC & AML specialist

  • Steve RussellSecurity specialist

  • Real estate

    Paul ChenReal estate expert Asia

  • Maarten ElderingReal estate Netherlands

  • Parikshat ChawlaReal estate UK & India

  • Charles de Ros
    WallaceReal estate expert

  • Marketing, community & Growth Hacking

    Lucas GardebrandCommunity manager

  • Sang-Soon LeeCommunity manager

  • David MozesGrowth hacking Europe

  • Sarah XiaCommunity manager China

  • Chris HazewinkelMarketing manager US

  • Hong Loon GanGrowth hacking South Asia

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